We don’t think ourselves into a new way of acting; we act ourselves into a new way of thinking.

~ Millard Fuller

What is our approach to change strategy consulting?

No matter what economic circumstances, a company has to constantly evaluate both the external and internal conditions that will help it grow and ensure organizational sustainability in the long run.  To effectively achieve business results and to drive change, Chamberlain Leadership believes that innovation has to come from within.  Talent management, as a result, is one of the key drivers of change.  Implementing change is no longer a top-down militant approach.  Quite the contrary – companies that want to sustain themselves in today’s business climate need to nix an order-based culture.  Chamberlain Leadership’s Corporate Change Strategy Consulting operates from this premise.  Our goal is to train your leaders and employees to become catalysts for corporate change after we’ve conducted our assessment and gain buy-in for our strategy recommendations.

How does the Chamberlain Leadership process work?

  1. Meet with your leadership team to review organizational aspirations and change strategy objectives.
  2. Assess corporate culture and recommend strategies to implement change via its 5-step process.
  3. Conduct monthly on-site implementation status review meetings for 6 months.

Who is this for?

  • Companies that want to lead change.
  • Organizations that embrace proactive planning.
  • Corporations looking to train employees to become change leadership liaisons.
  • Businesses which are comfortable with being challenged to help implement change.

What are the key benefits?

  • Improved team performance to drive execution of corporate goals.
  • Engaged employees in the change process through the Change Leadership Board.
  • Empowered team members to push change initiatives upward in the decision hierarchy.
  • Higher commitment and trust in leadership to support new corporate vision.
  • Introduction of an advanced leadership development program to prepare leaders to be nimble and easily adapt to internal and external environmental changes.

Contact us today to implement change powerfully and successfully.  We have the experience to help you make your mark in the business world and to drive innovation.  Chamberlain Leadership prepares a custom proposal for your unique organizational needs.

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