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Innovate and Influence as an Intrapreneur – Innovation Cafe

Penn State College of Medicine, Office of Technology Development

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How to Start a Small Business

Business Bootcamp by the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship of NJ

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All webinars and workshops are led by Marion Chamberlain. Marion is a nationally-recognized and sought after business strategist and speaker. She has worked with entrepreneurs, career professionals on the rise, mid-level and executive level leaders at a variety of leading institutions. With more than 15 years of experience in corporate strategy, CSR planning, marketing and coaching & training, Marion is especially effective at creating leaders. She’s also the author of the  Kindle eBook The Impactful Leader: The Top 10 Skills to Set You Apart.

Start Right! Business Plan Basics

This course is a total of 12 hours, which is held in 4 sessions of 3 hours each. You must attend all 4 dates to receive the full curriculum. After finishing this class, you will have completed your first draft of a business plan. In-depth presentation, organized in a written business plan format, this seminar addresses legal, marketing, accounting, and financial issues.

Additional information covered in this class includes: developing financial statements, operations & suppliers, buying a business, marketing plan, competition analysis, loan requests, and cash-flow statements.  You are required to submit a drafted one-page business plan before the final class.

This program is for anyone who has been contemplating the launch of a business, but needs guidance on developing a plan, seeking financing, understanding marketing strategy or even determining what type of structure works best for your business idea.

The first series is being offered every Tuesday from 6-9 pm from January 17 to February 7, 2017. You can register here:

The second round of the series is being offered every Thursday from 6-9 pm from February 23 to March 16, 2017. Registration is at:

Previous Webinars & Workshops:

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Dreaming of making the transition from employee to running your own business? Then join us for this workshop to determine if you have what it takes to run your own business. The following are just some of the topics that will be covered: the differences between self-employment and entrepreneurship, the importance of networking, business plans, and insurance, the availability of grants and loans, home-based businesses vs. non home-based businesses, marketing vs. public relations, and using a part-time job as a training tool.  Program is free due to the generous sponsorship by the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation of NJ.

Building A Marketing Plan

The following are just some of the topics that will be covered in this seminar: maximizing your precious marketing dollars, the right media mix, using public relations to stand out from the crowd, timely tips to help market your business, low-cost marketing ideas, and interactive discussions. Workshop is free due to the generous sponsorship by the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation of NJ.

Personal Branding:

When it comes to truly successful organizational innovation, it’s imperative that companies rethink how they work. Companies need to maximize performance from its leadership and each employee to grow and maintain corporate brand strength. A way to maximize performance is to encourage business owners and its employees to build a strong personal brand to increase their visibility and as a gateway to share their thoughts to solve organizational problems to take the organization to the next level.

In this engaging program, you will learn to:

– Understand the power of branding.

– Be able to differentiate between corporate and personal branding.

– Develop a personal mission statement to establish a brand.

– Build relationships and communicate effectively marketing the Brand You.

– Know how to harness social media to build a personal brand.

– Impact organizational growth through personal branding.

Social Entrepreneurship – Make Your Mark on the World:

Today’s business innovators want to go beyond the traditional corporate framework and use their business experience to do good in the world. They want to act as change agents for their community and society at large by improving systems, developing new approaches and creating opportunities for the betterment of those they serve. As a result, we’ve seen a new generation of entrepreneurs tackle societal issues, either locally or globally. They’ve become known as social entrepreneurs. Do you feel you have calling to make your mark on the world and join the ranks of social entrepreneurs, but don’t know how to go about it? Then join us for this engaging and interactive program. You will learn to:

-Design and develop your organization’s mission and vision.

-Start up as a social enterprise.

-Select your board and collaborators.

-Pursue funding opportunities.

-Implement your business plan and measure performance.

-Garner media attention.

Mentoring Women Workshop

As women continue to expand their leadership roles in business and the community, they are often very interested in helping other women grow. However, most organizations lack formal training programs to teach women how to mentor other women.

Do you find yourself in this position? You’d like to create programs within your organization or community group, but lack clarity on how to develop mentoring opportunities. Or you’re just relying on your good upbringing to create mentoring programs, but would love to find out more on best practices.

Then this workshop is for you. The workshop will be led by Marion Chamberlain, Business Strategist and Trainer of Chamberlain Leadership. You will gain knowledge to better equip you to:

  • Understand the basic elements of mentoring
  • Learn how to create mentoring opportunities
  • Design the mentor-mentee relationship
  • Create accountability mechanisms
  • Launch mentoring groups and programs

Propel into Business Growth

The economic conditions of the past 5+ years have forced business owners to constantly evaluate both the external and internal conditions that will help them survive and ensure organizational sustainability in the long run. However, to effectively achieve business results and to drive change you eventually want your business to grow. This requires effective business growth strategies that work specifically for your company and the conditions, which you are operating in.

While there isn’t a simple blueprint and not every strategy works for every business, there are 7 key strategic steps you can take to help you develop a plan for your company’s business growth. In this engaging and interactive webinar, participants will learn about these 7 key steps and how they can easily implement them to propel them into business growth, not just survival mode:

  1. Assess business successes and challenges.
  2. Analyze market segments and develop laser-like business focus.
  3. Manage business complexity and develop systems.
  4. Cultivate a world-class corporate culture on a shoestring budget.
  5. Learn how to differentiate your company and product/service and make a name for yourself.
  6. Develop yourself to develop your business.
  7. Harness the power of collaboration and partnerships.

The Impactful Leader: The Top 10 Skills to Set You Apart:

Everyone has a different point of view as to what defines good leadership. Looking at the textbook definition of leadership, you’ll see social influence and support of others necessary to help a leader accomplish the goal set. While these are two great components of leadership, they’re not enough into today’s world to truly define impactful leadership. To truly be a leader you have to combine both brains and heart to accomplish goals and to create impact. Leaders are individuals who step up and want to create their mark in the world. They’re obsessed with making a difference and creating positive change in their organization, and, thus, driving their business objectives.

What are the leadership approaches that will set apart the impactful leaders from the textbook leaders? In this engaging and interactive webinar participants will learn about these 10 key skills:

1. Integrate fun and play into the workplace.

2. Develop yourself to develop your business.

3. Cultivate your corporate culture.

4. Understand that as a leader you’ve been gifted to serve.

5. Focus on both your and your team’s health.

6. Mentor women to channel their strengths.

7. Bridge the generational differences and play to their gifts.

8. Share your knowledge and collaborate.

9. Make your life matter.

10. Develop your own unique leadership style.

Customer Service Training

This program is to train employees and business owners how they can provide customers with an enjoyable customer experience that encourages repeat visits and customer loyalty. The goal is to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of staff members in relating to customers.
  • Identify different styles of good customer service and demonstrate how a positive customer experience impacts the customers who visit the place of business.
  • Identify areas of needed changes to poor customer service habits.
  • Demonstrate value to employee of embracing good work habits and providing good customer service.

Leveraging Social Media & Online Marketing for Small Biz Success

Are you confused by all the “new stuff”, i.e. websites, blogs, shopping carts, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on, out there that everyone tells you to start using to build your small biz? Then Leveraging Social Media and Online Marketing for Small Biz Success is for you! In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What are the popular software platforms for online marketing and social media?
  • Which tools are appropriate for your type of business?
  • What steps do you take to build your Internet marketing strategy?
  • How do you use online marketing and social media to brand yourself online and build your reputation?

You will walk away from this course confident in how you can navigate the fast-changing world of Internet marketing in a way that will help your business grow and not just to follow the latest fads. You’ll also understand why social media and online marketing are one of the biggest gifts a small biz can receive to help it compete with the “big guys”.