A powerful + transformational Kindle eBook and workbook that you can carry with you. It shows new leaders how to combine both brains and heart so they can positively contribute to their life, family, organizations, communities, and the world at large.

Amazon Review: Marion Chamberlain generously, skillfully, and humbly shares her expertise and knowledge in a well written manner. To me, her intention to guide and uplift others is not only personally helpful, but also inspiring in my own work. She gives and gives in this book with clear focus on who she serves. All I have read so far has left me wanting more. Well Done!


::a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task::



Greetings to you!

I know that if you’ve arrived at this page, you’re on a mission to make your mark in the world. You’re ready to redefine leadership as well.

Everyone has a different point of view as to what defines good leadership. Looking at the textbook definition of leadership, you’ll see social influence and support of others necessary to help a leader accomplish the goal set. In my opinion and experience though, while these are two great components of leadership, they’re not enough into today’s world to truly define impactful leadership.

To truly be a leader you have to combine both brains and heart to accomplish goals and to create impact. Here’s also the thing – a leader isn’t just defined as someone designated by hierarchy or corporate structure. You will find leaders at all levels within an organization, as well as in the community they’re involved in. They are seen in all walks of life. Leaders are individuals who step up and want to create their mark in the world. They’re obsessed with making a difference and creating positive change.

I wrote this eBook with those in mind who are looking to feed this obsession and better themselves to better the world around them. The book discusses the Top 10 skills that set apart the impactful leader. It is an offshoot of a blog posting I wrote that was my top-ranked article over a one-year period. I’m very passionate about helping those who want to step up to the plate and take on leadership responsibilities. My mission is to help leaders create a vision of the future that’s so compelling and inspiring to move them through any obstacles.

On to helping you make it happen!

This eBook, along with the exercises in it, is guaranteed to get you on your way to take your leadership skills to the next level and set yourself apart from the traditional leadership models that no longer serve us!

Here’s What’s Included in this eBook

And What Makes It
Extremely Powerful + Transformational

What are the ten leadership approaches that will set you apart from the textbook leaders?

  1. Integrate fun and play into the workplace. A Littleton, Colorado-based energy company found that its unwanted turnover decreased from 25 to 5 percent within a year after it instituted a “play policy”. This will help you get along better with your employees and address the boredom and lack of inspiration that creeps in by employees who are on the verge of disengaging.
  2. Develop yourself to develop your business. As the leader, you set the tone for your organization. A healthy sustainable organization has a leader who is willing to work on himself so he can best lead the organization.
  3. Cultivate your corporate culture. Your corporate culture can ruin, hinder or drive the company’s success. You have to be willing to take on conflict and negativity in an open fashion to turn it around to where employees feel included, rewarded, enthused and committed to be part of your company.
  4. Understand that as a leader you’ve been gifted to serve. If you want to be a leader, first figure out how you can give back to your team and your community. By in serving them, they’ll honor you with their loyalty.
  5. Focus on both your and your team’s health. To serve as a fully present and enthusiastic leader requires that you run on a full battery. When you and your team are physically healthy, you’re mentally strong, which contributes to your own person success.
  6. Mentor women to channel their strengths. Vive la difference! We’ve been teaching women that they have to kick their Cinderella ways to the curb and be more like Prince Charming in the workplace to move up the ladder. It’s as if we’re making the feminine something that is innately flawed for the corporate environment. However, wouldn’t we have much more of a ball (no pun intended!) in the workplace if we allowed both men and women to dance in partnership with their complementary ways?
  7. Bridge the generational differences and play to their gifts. We tend to stereotype employees according to their generation and make the newer generations out to be “lazier, less loyal, and entitlement-thinkers”. Why not instead focus on the strengths of the individuals and foster the growth of these traits and not the perceived inadequacies of the generational association?
  8. Share your knowledge and collaborate. Participate in panels, conferences, networking events and media requests and be a role model to motivate others to jump into action as well.
  9. Make your life matter. Be inspired to use your “day job” as the tool to help you achieve the impact you want to have and achieve major satisfaction in life.
  10. Develop your own unique leadership style. Instead of trying to follow some prescribed cookie-cutter leadership style, make a conscious effort to utilize your own traits and behaviors that make you unique and give you drive.

So, what are you waiting for?

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